2023 alive Awards Entry

Nomination Rules:
  • All products entered must be available for sale through Canadian retailers that stock natural health product lines.
  • All product labelling must be in accordance with the legal requirements of the Canada Health Protection Branch and the Office of Consumer Affairs. All products must be in compliance with the latest Health Canada Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) regulations.
  • Manufacturers may enter as many products as they wish, provided one entry fee of three hundred and ninety nine dollars ($399) plus applicable taxes is received per product, per category.
  • Each product may be entered into a maximum of three (3) categories if it meets the category requirements. Products that have previously won an alive Award may be re-entered.
  • Each submission must include an entry fee, short product description (max. 50 words), and two (2) electronic photos of the product. Electronic files should be sent with the following specifications: 200 x 200 pixels (72 DPI) and 4″ x 4″ at 300 DPI, with a clipping path around the objects, saved in one of the following formats: EPS, Photoshop, TIFF, or high-quality JPEG, saved with the following name format: “product name – company name” (e.g. alive_magazine – AlivePublishing.jpg). Please send electronic files to:, with the subject heading: “awards image – company name” (e.g. “awards image – alive”).
  • Up to three (3) product samples must be mailed to and received at alive’s office in order for the nomination to be completed.
  • To qualify for any of the New Product categories, products must have been launched after September 30, 2022.
  • No refunds permitted.